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In the last blog post you read we are sister in laws... the BEST part about that is we have so many fantastic excuses to always hang out... we like to call it "built in best friends."

Sam has been married for over 10 years and has three adorable kiddos. She has her Bachelors in Photography from Arizona State University and is the main photographer at all of our photoshoots. Her favorite place to unwind is at a spa day... drinks buy the pool, massage, and steam room. 

Kate has been married for almost 4 years (to Sam's little brother) and they are expecting their first little one in December. She has a Bachelors in Kinesiology at Point Loma University and worked in the medical field until one day in 2013 Sam asked if she could second shoot for a wedding she booked... Kate said, Heck yes! 24 hours after the wedding "Sam and Kate Photography" was created! (We booked 7 photoshoots from the wedding! How could we not start a business together!) Kate is the second shoot at most photoshoots, (except at family photoshoots) Kate is the clown that makes the kiddos smile and giggle. Her favorite place to unwind is definitely snowboarding in the Colorado mountains! 



Sam and Kate

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