• Image of *NEW* iKat Boho Camera Strap
  • Image of *NEW* iKat Boho Camera Strap
  • Image of *NEW* iKat Boho Camera Strap
  • Image of *NEW* iKat Boho Camera Strap

NEW Bohemian Camera Strap!!!

This newly manufactured Sam and Kate Camera Strap is thicker and longer!!!!
The pretty part of the strap is made of unique fabric... (about 22 inches long)
The back (black) part of the strap that touches your neck has a thick cushion of SHARKSKIN NEOPRENE. (That is fantastic and comfortable)
The camera hangs in the perfect spot so you can use your arms without your camera getting in the way. (adjustable to your size and comfort)

The straps are the 51 inches long (standard camera strap-thin strap to thin strap)

We are first and for most photographers (Sam & Kate Photography) who love to create! We made camera straps for ourselves so we'd be cute at photoshoots... We've had sooo many clients compliment us on these we thought it'd be a great idea to share them with the world!!

These straps are great for long days for photographers at weddings... or long days at the zoo with the kiddos. They can be used with ALL types of cameras not just big professional ones like we use... We love seeing these straps on point and shoot cameras that most moms carry. (See our accessories page for adapter clips)

*no returns accepted*
*each piece of fabric is imported from countries all over the world, making each cut of fabric unique, patterns may vary slightly from the fabric pictured*